Spacer Fabrics

The epitome of innovation

Innovative & Versatile

Baltex designs, manufactures and distributes innovative and versatile spacer fabrics. This type of fabric is made using special knitting or weaving techniques that give them a three-dimensional structure, for this reason they are also commonly called 3D Fabrics in the textile industry.

Thanks to its unique properties compared to traditional fabrics, Spacer Fabrics represent an interesting advance in the field of textile techniques and offer numerous possibilities for innovation in different sectors.

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A Unique Appearance

Their design gives a raised, quilted look with visible air pockets. Their distinctive appearance makes them stand out in terms of aesthetics and texture compared to traditional flat fabrics.


Spacer Fabrics are generally lightweight, making them ideal for many applications where weight is an important factor, such as in the aerospace industry or in garment manufacturing.

Unmatched Breathability

Thanks to their three-dimensional structure, Spacer Fabrics leave an air flow and are therefore very breathable, making them comfortable to wear and suitable for applications where ventilation is important.

Heat Mouldable

The open spaces of the fabric help in distributing heat evenly during the molding process. Therefore, it enables the fabric to soften and conform to the desired shape more effectively. In addition, the flexibility of spacer fabrics allows them to adapt to complex shapes without losing their structural integrity.

Cushioning Effect

When pressure is applied, the air pockets compress and then bounce back, providing a cushioning effect making them ideal for various applications such as padding in garment manufacturing, mattresses and seating upholstery.

Up to 20mm in Thickness

Thanks to the layer of these spacer yarns, a defined distance can be established between the outer layers.

Pressure Stability and Distribution

The air pockets help distribute the pressure evenly across the surface. The design prevents pressure points from forming and provides a comfortable and supportive feel making spacer fabrics ideal for applications where pressure distribution is important, such as in mattresses, seat cushions and medical devices.

Can be laminated and work as a membrane

Spacer fabrics allows for adhesives or bonding materials to easily penetrate and adhere to the fabric layers.

Easy to Shape

Thanks to their structure, spacer fabrics allow enhanced flexibility and stretch in various directions. This unique structure enables them to conform to different shapes and contours with ease.

Shock Absorption

The structure helps distribute and dissipate energy, further enhancing its shock-absorbing capabilities. Spacer fabrics are therefore a popular choice for applications where shock absorption is essential such as in sportswear, protective gear and medical devices.


Typically made from recyclable fibres such as polyester or nylon, which can be broken down and reprocessed to create new products

An Acoustic Fineness

As some 3d fabrics exhibit the typical sound absorption behavior of porous, most spacer fabrics exhibit frequency-selected sound absorption with a resonance form.

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