Product Library

We produce a wide range of products that deliver the highest standards in performance, functionality and sustainability:

Eco fabrics provide a wide range of sustainable materials suitable for use across a wide range of applications.
Our net and mesh fabrics are lightweight, open-weave structures designed to provide breathability and flexibility.
Our spacer fabrics offer enhanced breathability, cushioning, and moisture management properties.
Engineered textiles designed with elastic properties to provide flexibility, freedom of movement, and shape retention.
Slash resistant materials incorporating high-strength fibres to provide protection for high risk applications.
Our Aramid fabrics are high-performance materials providing exceptional strength, heat resistance, and durability.
New technologies integrate advanced functionalities to drive performance, functionality, and sustainability.
Natural fibres providing a smooth texture, lightweight feel, and moisture-wicking properties.
Baltex Dyeing and Finishing specialises in commission dyeing and finishing of warp and weft knitted fabrics.
Dense, uniform structures offering durability, stretchability, and moisture management properties.

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