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Baltex is a leading manufacturer of knitted fabrics used by the composite industry, we make a wide range of fabrics used in very demanding applications offering benefits of reinforcement or processing of resins. We are helping our customers manufacture high quality parts supporting technical markets such as aerospace, wind energy, marine, construction, and even leading Formula 1 teams.

High quality spacers and knitted fabrics for your composite panels

Baltex make a range of knitted fabrics and 3D spacer fabrics that can be used to supplement the most demanding composite panels, we have developed a highly engineered range of fabrics using our extensive experience and knowledge of this market.

Our fabrics are fully compatible with both thermoset and thermoplastic technology and can work with most resin types widely used in the industry today.

Our range of knitted fabrics and 3D spacer fabrics offer can offer you benefits such as reinforcement, lightweighting and are flexible enough to work around the most complex 3D finished/ semi-finished composite panels.


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Composite Part Reinforcment
Complex 3D Shapes
Resin infusion mesh


Compatible with thermoset and thermoplastic technology
Work with most resin types
Flexibility to work around complex composite panels
Infusion mesh to control cost and quality

Infusion Mesh that helps control cost and quality

Our range of meshes can be used to control the flow speed and direction flow of expensive resins when forming complex parts. This can also save you valuable time and further expense by helping you form the perfect panel first time around.

In summary our meshes will contribute significantly to the overall finish and quality of the part, meaning you can consistently supply your customer with the quality they expect every time.

Infusion mesh fabric

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With a focus on quality, innovation and technical expertise, Baltex is the trusted partner when you want to make the highest quality composites. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.