Minimising environmental impact

Next Generation Textiles

Sustainability and the environment are key considerations whenever Baltex create the next generation of our textiles. This involves practises that minimise environmental impact throughout their production, use and disposal.

Baltex will always consider where appropriate the use of eco-friendly materials, such as recycled fibres and practices such as reducing water consumption and energy consumption in our manufacturing processes.

We recognise the impact that our manufacturing has on the wider community and so we will always look to implement ethical labour practises and promote circular economy initiatives whenever possible.

Baltex continues to work in partnership with all our suppliers of raw materials, and logistics, as well as customers to find the most environmentally friendly way to manufacture, store and deliver our products to the market.

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A More Sustainable Future


Always consider the use of recycled and sustainable materials for all our products that we manufacture.

Sustainable Materials

Consider and use most sustainable materials wherever possible in new product development.

Impact and Lifespan

Review the impact our products have on the environment at end of life and look for ways to improve lifespan generating less waste long-term.

Control and Minimise Waste

Continue to control and minimise waste we generate and look for ways to re-use again in the future.

Monitor Our Carbon Footprint

Monitor our carbon footprint and continue to look for ways to reduce and improve it with the aim of zero waste to landfill across all our sites.

Culture of Care

Continue to create a culture of care for the environment, by supporting and educating all our employee’s on Baltex’s impact on the environment.

Partners & Accreditations

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