Military & PPE

Knitted fabrics and meshes for demanding technical markets

High-Performance Military & PPE Fabrics by Baltex

Our range of military and law enforcement knitted fabrics and meshes are designed to meet the highest standards for a very demanding technical market. Baltex design and manufacture some of the most advanced fabrics available currently and have a very strong and credible reputation in the defense market sector.

It’s a market that continues to evolve as the environment becomes more and more demanding, and where they are used becomes ever more critical.

Baltex will continue to innovate and create fabrics that push the boundaries in textiles, we will continue to develop tomorrow’s textiles for today.

If you have a requirement that you believe can’t be achieved, test us out and see what we can create for you.

Military & PPE Fabric Range

Our military & PPE fabric range includes several constructions suited for various applications:

  • 3D XD – Spacer fabrics
  • 4D XD – Spacer fabrics  
  • Meshes/Nets
  • Plain fabrics
  • Bomb blast netting for curtains
  • Cut protection fabric  
  • Anti-slash technology (slash-resistant knit)

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At Baltex, we specialise in developing advanced fabric solutions for those who put their lives on the line every day. Our innovative textile technologies provide vital protection for military personnel, law enforcement officers, and others working in hazardous environments. 

Superior Body Armour Fabrics

Baltex supplies high-performance fabrics engineered specifically for body armour applications. Our proprietary weaving and coating processes create ultra-tough, lightweight materials that deliver superior ballistic and stab resistance.

Cut-Resistant Protective Gloves

Our cut-resistant glove fabrics combine extraordinary strength with a surprising level of dexterity and tactile sensitivity. Utilising advanced fibre technologies like aramids, UHMWPE, and liquid crystal polymers, Baltex hand protection textiles allow maximum mobility without sacrificing cut, puncture, and abrasion defence.

Extreme Durability for Military & PPE Footwear

Military and PPE boots and shoes face incredibly punishing conditions. That's why Baltex develops specialised fabrics formulated to withstand rugged terrain, harsh weather, and heavy use while providing lasting comfort and protection against hazards like cuts, burns, and chemicals.

Helmet Fabrics for Impact Resistance

Baltex aramid fabrics provide a crucial layer of impact and penetration resistance in advanced military helmets and headgear. Our materials help mitigate the force from ballistic impacts, shrapnel, and blunt trauma to protect the human body's most vital area.

Advanced Yarn Selection

We work closely with raw material suppliers to select the best yarns and fibres for each customer’s technical specifications, including:

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • High Tenacity Polyester
  • Kevlar®
  • Coolmax®
  • Meta Aramid®
  • Lycra

Specialised Fabric Treatments

Our range of fabric treatments provides added benefits to suit specific customer needs:

  • Camouflage printing
  • IRR (Infrared Reflective) Finish
  • Flame Retardant Treatment
  • Antibacterial finish
  • High Visibility Dyeing
  • Silver treatment
  • Dyeing to customer’s own shades
  • NATO colour range

Innovative Defence and Dependable Performance

Whether providing ballistic protection, fortifying body armour, or shielding hands, feet, and heads from workplace dangers, Baltex fabrics deliver peace of mind. We are committed to continuous research and innovation to keep those who serve safe.

Commitment to Innovation and Quality

At Baltex, our aim is to ensure the future of protective fabrics. By working closely with industry partners, from suppliers to customers, we maintain a constant focus on increasing performance, comfort, breathability, and safety while prioritising high quality standards. 

Each step of our production is carefully controlled, and we have full traceability from the start of the process to delivery.

Parachute Harness

SARK Technology: Ultimate Slash Protection

Baltex now offers SARK Technology Fabric, a fully qualified, high-performance slash protection material. It has proven its endurance in the most stringent test methods for such products and applications, providing greater protection than vests commonly used by police, armed forces, and security personnel.

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