Mesh & Net Fabrics

A winning combination

Functionality & Style

Baltex Mesh and Net fabrics provide a winning combination of functionality and style. Our carefully crafted Mesh fabrics offer unparalleled breathability, ideal for performance wear in any setting. Lightweight yet durable, Baltex Mesh fabrics excel in moisture-wicking properties, keeping you cool and comfortable during your most intense activities.

Mesh fabrics are lightweight, breathable textiles characterized by an open, net-like structure created
through the weaving or knitting of yarns. These fabrics feature evenly spaced holes or gaps, giving them a distinctive appearance and providing excellent ventilation and airflow. Mesh fabrics are commonly used in sportswear, activewear, and outdoor gear due to their moisture-wicking properties and cooling effect.

Net fabrics, also known as netting or net textiles, are transparent or semi-transparent fabrics characterized by an open, grid-like structure created by intersecting yarns or threads. These fabrics are distinguished by their large, evenly spaced holes, often forming geometric patterns. At Baltex our Net fabrics can be made from various fibres, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, or a blend of different materials, depending on the desired properties and intended use.

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The structure allows air to flow through easily, ideal for activewear and warm weather clothing.


Unique and modern aesthetic due to their semi-transparent and textured appearance adding visual interest to clothing.

Tensile Strength

Can withstand stretching and pulling forces without losing its shape.

Moisture Wicking

Their design allows moisture such as sweat to be quickly absorbed and moved away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric where it can evaporate more easily.


Resistant to tearing and fraying even with regular use.

Varying Degrees of Opacity and Texture

Different yarns can be used which will modify the fabric density and the size of the holes in the mesh.



Due to their open structure, they allow light to pass through easily. The threads are larger compared to traditional woven fabrics, making them see-through.

Easy to Bond

The small openings or holes allow bonding agents or adhesives to penetrate and adhere effectively.

Functional Uses

Breathable nature, versatility and sometimes stretch properties offering practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Drape & Texture

Thanks to their lightweight and airy nature, those fabrics allow them to cascade gracefully and create a delicate, ethereal look when used in garment manufacturing or industrial applications. Their texture is usually slightly rough or has a textured due to the knit structure.

Decorative Appeal

Net fabrics can be layered over other fabrics or embellished with sequins, beads or embroidery to create dimension and intricate designs.


Often uses the finest yarns, giving them a sheer and airy quality.

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